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Specialized Services

ATR, Tremendous Technology and Personnel Resources

ATR has tremendous technology and personnel resources enabling quick and nimble action when the need for a Special Project suddenly arises. Reinforced with over 100 Associates nationwide, ATR is positioned to tackle the most challenging projects with efficiency.

 Here are some of the type of Special Projects we have successfully completed, CONTACT US today and let us help you turn a firestorm into smooth sailing!

Commercial Title Searches - ATR routinely performs complex commercial searches, including developers, buildings, condos, cell towers, plants, and oil & gas. We completed many large scale commercial projects with 1,000's of properties. Our Commercial Title Search includes a chain-of-title search including all of the leases and contracts that would affect the Title on the property, open mortgage and assignment search, federal, state and municipal lien search, judgments search, as well as, bankruptcy and tax status. All relevant information is captured in the summary page.

Mortgage Lien Position Searches - Utilized at Origination, Post-Close and in Portfolio Asset reviews, ATR will provide validation of all existing mortgage liens and the current position of the lien.

Mortgage Re-Recordings & Corrections - Our nationwide mobilized personnel force provide quick and accurate recordings of all types, including Mortgage corrections or re-recordings in every municipality in the country.

Field Issue Corrections - From time to time the need arises for corrections on important documents. Utilizing the synergies our nationwide personnel base, ATR will act as your agent in getting these time-critical corrections completed.

Mortgage Assignment Validations - An assignment of mortgage is a written document which serves as proof of transfer of a loan obligation from the original borrower to a third party. When a loan is sold in the secondary market, the bank is no longer the owner of the note and mortgage. However, the bank's rights under the mortgage are not automatically assigned to the investors. In order to assign such rights, an assignment of mortgage is necessary, since it is a separate document from the loan document that secures the right to foreclose on the property if the loan is in default.

Asset & Portfolio Validations - National Servicers and the Secondary Mortgage Market rely on the expertise of ATR for an array of Title, Lien, and Liability verifications that protect their valuable assets from unforeseen obligations.

Recording Verifications - Regulatory oversight requires recordings be done in a timely manner, varying by municipality. ATR provides compliance verifications insuring the Title Company or Settlement Vendor has complied accordingly.